Nov 14 2018

A Scar On the Hand by Corin Trivass

“A scar on the hand is worth two on the face”
said the man in the forest that day.
He didn’t look young, but supple and strong
as he strode from from behind a tree
“That’s an oak he murmered ”
pointing at a powerful, thrusting tree
a tree that was real and had every right to be
” And that’s a swallow” he continued
as a slight bird swooped down and laughed
in the early morning light
” And this is a knife ” he hissed
as he plunged a sharp bright blade
into my hand and then ran away.
A thick red syrup oozed from my gashed flesh
and spilled red drops,one at a time
onto the green wet grass at my feet
The red and green dazzled momentarily
then the swooping, laughing bird screamed down
and swallowed some blood jewels
from the air as they dripped.
The tree stood royal and strong
not sparing a second glance,
understandably so.,
it’s confidence and security
shone from its twisted, muscular roots
through to its fingertip boughs
natures ultimate statement of BEING.
I wrapped a white cloth around my wound
and sank to the ground
beneath the majestic, unpretending tree
Its erect exotic grace infiltrated through my pores
and moved something deep inside and I agreed
a scar on the hand
was worth two on the face

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Nov 06 2018

On Entering a Liverpool Cathedral

Circular, graceful, space filled
with strange light
Shiny, smooth and highly polished
the curvred wooden benches,
reflected rainbows from all around

Echoing, shuffling muffled silence,
mingled essence of man and stony structures
majestic recesses filled with
beautiful, humbling light
a mixture of primitive and ultra modern

whilst walking
a continual bathing in splendid velvet colour,
made me feel one with the building.
everywhere I looked
my eyes were pleased by the perfect harmony
be it of light, colour or archetectural mastery
as they blended to make the complete.

Accoustically, a cacophony of footsteps jarred my ears,
but this was overcome
by the overall spiritual mystical splendour
which seemed to seep through me

However,when I isolated myself,
the projection of the magical,spiritual mysticism
made me feel inferior
I had to leave because now
my sensory perceptions had reached their climax
and startlingly, the whole place became vulgar ?

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Nov 05 2018

Premature Retirement by Corin Trivass

I’m glad I’m out of it !
Look at them, unified,regimented,
like rows of cigarettes, marching down cancer riddled corridors.
Corridors of power ? Hah!
Marching to anhialation
discarded or swallowed by the machine
and the machine keeps on turning
It doesn’t feel. it doesn’t care
I’m glad I’m out of it, that seething cesspit
repulsive with its toll of human lives.
Do they know what they are doing ?
Do they know they are feeding the Machine ?
And the machine?
It keeps on grinding, no emotions.
I’m glad I’m out of it
No more fears, no more worries,
no more watching it complete its deadly revolutions
365 days a year, 366 on leap years !
Day in,day out, it keeps right on turning
It just keeps on turning
I’m certainly glad, I’m out of it !

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Nov 02 2018

Grandfather Clock Saying

Lo I stand, All in thy sight to tell the hours of Day and night Do thou a warning take from me And serve thy God as I serve thee ” (link: tel 0151 424 9189

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Nov 01 2018

Come And Join us by Corin Trivass

Listen friends,
You might as well be dead.
What a wonderful escape death must be,.
an escape from your futile, infantile, sterile world
Wake up you people before it’s too late
don’t let democratic slime cloud your minds.
Match-stick men leave your boxes, you won’t be burned,
can you remember the last time you were happy ?
In fact have you ever been happy ?
What does it feel like to be degenerate ?
What is important is a real relationship,
despite Salvador Dali,
dream worlds are not real, pretence is no morphia
come to your senses ! Alice left her wonderland years ago.
Would you prefer the sun to set a paler shade of blue ?
and fish for the love of your dearly departed
Drag yourselves from the city of the living dead.
I’m from Hamlin, follow me
black rats,white rats who cares? Follow me
Socialists, Methodists, Athiests
my society contains no discrimination
In my fields there is green grass
my union is the union of man. The weekly charge, Kinship
Dividend, friendship.

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Oct 30 2018

How to position a Grandfather Clock Prior to Assembling

1.Stand the case in the position that you wish your clock to be in. If there is a skirting board at floor level, it may be necessary to fix to the back of the case a similar thickness piece of wood so that the case will stand up straight and not lean backwards. If the Grandfather clock is to stand on a carpet, sometimes the carpet thickness against the wall is greater due to a hem or grip rods. It may be necessary to compensate for this by using a piece of matching carpet or wood and placing it under the front feet so that the case stands flat and solid against the wall. If you wish to screw the case to the wall, this can now be done as long as it is standing straight up and not leaning backwards. If it is leaning a little to the left or right, this can be compensated for later on, but only a small amount.

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Oct 27 2018

Seasonal Timing with Grandfather clock

When time goes forward one hour just move the minute hand forward, remembering to let the clock strike where necessary.

When the time goes back one hour merely stop the clock for one hour and then start it again.


Oct 23 2018

Grandfather Clocks

I firmly believe that every home should have a grandfather clock. They are so beautiful, but practical too. Whether your home is old or modern, large or small, cluttered or minimalist, it would be complemented by a grandfather clock, grandmother clock, or granddaughter clock. There are so many styles available that you will find one to blend in perfectly. One of my customers is delighted with the 1920’s art deco model I was able to supply. Whereas others wouldn’t dream of housing any clock made later than the eighteenth century


Oct 22 2018

Starting the Pendulum Swinging on a Grandfather Clock

. What you are listening for is a nice steady tick-tock-tick-tock.

If you hear this even sound, the clock is in beat and should keep going.

If the beat is irregular e.g. tick—tock——tick-tock, an adjustment must be made or the clock will stop. This can be done by placing a small thickness of wood, carpet, etc. under one of the front feet to lean the case in the direction which brings about the steady tick-tock-tick-tock beat.

A better method is to bend the pendulum crutch (the thin wire rod that the feather or suspension spring on top of the pendulum, threads through).

By standing in front of the clock and placing your arms either side of the dial, with one thumb at the top of the crutch and one thumb at the bottom, the crutch can be bent in the direction of the bottom thumb. It may only need a small bend to level the clock, so by bending it a little to the right or a little to the left(you will need to alter the position of your thumbs) a nice steady tick-tock-tick-tock beat will be found when you have this beat, the clock should be

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Oct 19 2018

Grandfather Clocks Trunks

The door on the trunk can tell you many things about a clock. On earlier Grandfather Clocks, the door will be long, taking up all the distance between the hood and the base. The look of the clock will be enhanced by this and it will have a tall elegant appearance.As the nineteenth century approached, we start to see a panel appearing beneath the door, with the door itself becoming shorter and wider. Eventually, there is just a short door with no panel at all. Any shape to the top of the door, was generally governed by the shape at the top of the hood. Flat top to the hood tended to mean a flat top to the the trunk door. Swan neck or similar to the hood, meant an arch or points on the top of the trunk door. This is not a hard and fast rule and exceptions can sometimes be found in country-made cases, especially in North Wales.,Some trunk doors on early cases will have a small round piece of glass in them, often referred to as a “Bull’s Eye”. The main reason for this, is to make it possible to see the pendulum swinging to and fro which I find to be most pleasureable, as did the old man in the Grandfather’s Clock song. Beware of any clock that has a Bull’s Eye in the door but the pendulum swings above or below it, probably not an original movement to the case.Always remember when carrying a grandfather clock case, to have the the trunk door with its hinges pointing downwards, that is, at the top. If you have it the other way round and the door falls open and rips off the hinges, it can do a lot of damage and be a very costly repair.

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