Apr 01 2019

Cockles and Coffee Part 3

The boredom is driving me crazy
today life is pretty dull
If I wasn’t so down right lazy
I’d nip to the door and pull
give ‘ em some bull
got a belly full
(Dramatic turn of events two English girls have just walked in.
the one with the blonde hair is quite pretty but the one with the dark hair is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life (she knows who she is ).
It’s 7 0‘Clock at last
time to dash back to the flat
gonna break my fast
with egg and chips and that
I’m always sat
no wonder I’m getting fat

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Mar 26 2019

Cockles and Coffee (Part Two)

I always feel quite bored
‘bout five in the afternoon
‘til laughter rings across the road
that’s Terry with his wooden spoon
Tells the girls I’m a loon
I may be soon
The tourists wander in and out
wondering what to buy
The Burnley lot, well they’ll have owt
“Need something for our Vi”
Makes my want to cry
don’t know why

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Mar 23 2019

Our Website

Our website

Visit our Antique Grandfather Clocks website for more information on the types of clock we sell, how we work and any special offers or new arrivals!


Mar 22 2019

Cockles and Coffee (Part One)

The Pictures are always on the wall
I wish I’d stayed in bed
Ah , here comes George with his mating call
“ Commo, esta usted “ ?
He’s just been fed,eats loads of bread
The Roman Pots were late again
“ Been up all night “ they said
“ Had a date with Bill and Ben
but got knocked  on the Head”
They’re keen to get wed, been a long time dead

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Mar 07 2019

Early 30 Hour Grandfather Clocks


A 30 hour clock is not wound by a key, but rather by a rope or  a chain. It only has one weight and this weight is responsible not  only for the running of the clock, but also for making it strike. It is  once again my belief, that similar to the eight day clock, a 30 hour  grandfather clock is merely a one day clock which affords the luxury of a  further 6 hours or so, should you forget to wind it on time. Sometimes a  30 hour clock will have what are known as dummy winding holes in the  dial. Although they  do not serve any actual purpose, they give a 30 hour  clock the physical appearance of an eight day clock and make it look a  little more grand, as usually, a 30 hour clock is not as expensive as its  8 day counterpart.


Feb 06 2019


I took the clock to London strapped on the top of my Austin 1100, and true to his word, the advertiser, a Mr. Ronnie Moore, who resided in Fulham, gave me the £30.00 for it. He also paid my expenses. Although I knew little or nothing about grandfather clocks at that time, Ronnie , who owned a clock shop, asked me to be his agent in the North of England, stating that he would advise me where to go for clocks, and what to pay for them. I readily agreed

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Feb 04 2019

About John (Part two)

I had not long been married and in addition to a young wife and even younger baby son, I had a large mortgage around my neck and was struggling to make ends meet. I was searching through various columns in a national newspaper trying to find another job, when I came across an advertisement offering to pay a minimum of £30.00 for an Antique Grandfather Clock. This was entirely coincidental as earlier that day, I had been wandering around one of the local antique shops and there had been one for sale at £12.00.I rang the number , which was in London and described the clock to the person who had placed the advert. He said that If I bought the clock and took it to him in London, he would definitely give me £30.00 for it. Petrol was very cheap in those days and I worked out that for £3.00, I could get to London and back, giving me a profit of £15.00, half a week’s wages!


Jan 30 2019

About John (Part one)

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find my clocks interesting. I hope you also enjoy my original monthly clock cartoons and poems. My grandfather clock cartoons have won awards within the clock industry and have been displayed in one of the leading trade magazines, ‘Clocks’. My poems have been broadcast on national radio.


Jan 23 2019

Chester Assizes 1838 Burglary


Robert Tomkinson was indicted for burglarious breaking and entering the dwelling house of Samuel Humphreys a grandfather clocks and watch maker of Northwich and stealing three silver watches and other aticles. Found guilty,he received a sentence of two years imprisonment with hard labour


Jan 18 2019

Added Ryder to Me, Cricket and Sconny Purcell

A Couple of weeks later we faced St Bedes again in the Baseball final.
Me and Sconny Purcell were once again captains. On this occasion
we absolutely slaughtered them.There was only one outstanding captain
on that day and it wasn’t Sconny Purcell. In fact, If I had scored a couple
more runs I would have beaten them on my own.

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