Jun 14 2018

Clock Reference. USA

John, found out on Friday that Montgomery Air Freight was handling the delivery of the grandfather clocks to my home.
My company does business with this freight line. I got my company’s traffic manager to arrange for me to pick up the grandfather clocks this morning (Saturday). Otherwise, it would have been Monday and I would have had to leave work when the delivery arrived.
I had to drive Montgomery which is approximately 40 miles each way in my pickup truck but that was no problem.
You were right about the crating of the grandfather clocks. It was unbelievable. There was no way the clocks could have been damaged under normal handling conditions.
The clocks are absolutely beautiful! It took me approximately an hour and a half to uncrate and assemble the clocks. Your instructions were outstanding. The clocks never stopped once I started them and set the correct striking and time.
My wife and myself are totally pleased with the grandfather clocks. John, it has been a total pleasure doing business with you. You were so punctual and timely with your responses to my requests. You did exactly what you said you were going to do.
I will continue to watch your web site for new entries. I plan to purchase another grandfather clock in the near future.

Best, Mike


Jun 12 2018

Cheshire Church Clock, Barthomley

The tower clock was replaced in 1934 at St.Bertoline and the former old timepiece was removed. The new Clock given by the Rev. Edward and the late Mrs Armistead, good as it is, can never take the place of the one made  abut 1710 by the Barthomley Smith, which  went for over 220 years before its works failed. The original  clock face, repainted and regilded is still in use

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Jun 11 2018

Is This You

Death is knocking at the door

of all from young to old

It takes the rich and takes the poor

and ends all stories told

Is this why the human race,

having lived a life of sin

when they get old and of Heaven are told

repent and try to get in ?

So many hypocrites and parasites

are in the world today

perhaps I’ll meet them all in hell

Some bright and sunny day.




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Jun 07 2018

Grandfather Clocks Update June 2018

I have been selling Antique Grandfather Clocks on a world wide basis for  over 40 years now. The majority of them I still sell in the UK. although sales in Europe have started  to increase lately

However my main market abroad is still America. I don’t know what I would do without the help of my big brother across the pond. God Bless the USA.




Jun 05 2018

Clock Reference, Victoria Jones

Hello John,
Both grandfather clocks arrived in good condition and are now up and running. Thank you so much.
Victoria Jones,


Jun 01 2018

Geoge Holland Chester 1829

George Holland, grateful to the friends of his late father , and the public generally, for the  liberal support they have conferred upon him, in the watch and grandfather clocks business  for a number of years, respectfully begs to inform them that the business heretofore carried on by his father will in future be conducted under the firm of HOLLAND AND GRIFFITHS, who solicit a share of public patronage. They have engaged experienced workmen and no exertion will be wanting on their part to merit the confidence reposed in them. All work they may be entrusted with will be finished in the best manner, of  the first material and in the most modern style.



May 31 2018


The Clock was made and installed in 1788 by Peter Clare of Manchester. The mechanism is very simple, much like that of a grandfather clock only on a much larger scale. Before the restoration of 1898 there was a clock face in the middle of the church just above the priest’s door on the east wall of the tower. The clock face would have been visible To the Vicar and the choir as only they  would have known the length of the sermon


May 28 2018

Cheshire Church Clock, Bunbury

Inside the South Porch is a collection of stones, effigies, and artifacts discovered over the centuries from the earlier Churchies. Of particular note are the fragments from the ” JESSE ” window , the painted  Norman Norman period stones, and the old wooden-framed clock fairly recently restored and taken pride of place, and still ticking away at a   Chester Grosvenor Museum Exhibition


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May 24 2018

Clock Reference from Ian Sheperdson

I recently bought a grandfather clock from John Shone via his website.Everything was exactly as described,the clock is beautiful and works perfectly.The grandfather clock was delivered and set up with great care and I am delighted with both the piece itself and the service I received.
Ian Sheperdson,

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May 22 2018

Joseph Walker, Nantwich 1779

Watch and grandfather clock maker, Servant for twenty years and upwards to the late Mr. Green, takes this opportunity of returning his sincere thanks to his friends and public , for the many obligations they have already conferred on him, and begs leave to inform them , that he is removed to Mr. Massie’s late shop opposite the Crown inn, in Nantwich where he hopes for a continuance of the favours of his friends and the public which will be ever most gratefully acknowledged