Aug 21 2017

Cheshire Church Clock, Eaton Hall(Aldford)-Residence of the Duke of Westminster

From the anti-chapel a turret staircase leads to the clock-tower. Externally, the tower, thrown across to the chapel parapet with its bridge, forms a most prominent feature. In it are hung a peal of twenty eight bells, the largest weighing fifty hundredweight .They are of remarkably fine tone and were cast by the Chevalier Severin Van Aerschodt of Louvain, whose family have been bell-founders for centuries. The clock and carillon machinery, are in the chamber below. The clock, which was manufactured by Messrs Gillet and Co. of Croydon, has four faces, each nine feet eight inches in diameter and composed of vitreous mosaic. The clock has all the improvements for which the Croydon firm is celebrated. The carillon plays thirty-one tunes. The musical barrels are made of hard wood ten inches in diameter, and are each studded with several thousand brass  pins, about one-sixteenth of an inch square. They are each arranged for seven tunes and can be changed in a a few seconds


Aug 11 2017

A Night On The Briney by Alec Trivass



the scene – lit up as lightning flashed,

was terrible. loud thunder’s boom

rolled out and crashed – as water lashed

and smashed and dashed itself to spume,

driven by wind; the breath of death

in the gloom of doom.



the gale drove mountains of water,

rank upon rank, across the sea,

which, heaving up at every quarter

boiled and toiled with constancy,

and tossed the ship; sought and caught her,

intent on slaughter.



then the sharp shark’s teeth of rocks


loomed up – the cause of our disaster.

with awful knocks and grinding shocks

they blocked and rocked and smashed her

keel, and stove her in, and gale blew

force ten and faster.



’twas then a wave, like greedy hand,

grasped at me – and down i slipped

into the foaming sea, which planned

to take me to her stormy crypt:

a grave for disdainers of the sea ,

their barque’s bottom ripped.



heed it well, you erstwhile salty matelots. hearken not to those who would lead you astray.

ignore their siren call. stuff up your ears with wax, and live to till the good dark earth.





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Aug 09 2017

Live Your Life by Alec Trivass

life is like a man walking. he has to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’.

perhaps, along his journey, he finds that his feet are sore and bleeding.

the road is long

he decides that he can walk no more. here he will stay.

and so he stays, perhaps content, perhaps frustrated.

he finds that ‘there’ comes to him shortly, and the gap is filled.



life is like a man walking. he has to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’.

perhaps, along his journey, he finds that his feet are sore and bleeding.

the road is long.

he decides that he can walk no more. he casts around and spies moss growing on some rocks.

he harvests the soft cool moss and stuffs his shoes with it.

relieved, he continues on his journey.

he meets each problem with a work-around, overcoming every impediment to progress,

and so reaches ‘there’, content but weary.



life is like a man walking. he has to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’.

perhaps, along his journey, he finds his feet skip lightly

altho’ the road is long.

he has decided to take a gentle path thru’ sunny fields that cushion his footfall.

he takes time to smell the flowers, and delights in every passing fancy.

he enjoys his journey, he laughs frequently.

he arrives ‘there’ with a smile on his face.




our origins are similar, our destinations are the same. for many of us the way we journey is of our own making.

however we choose to complete our journey, we should bear in mind that for many of our kind, theirs have been decided for them by poverty, want, and the indifference of others.

compassion is cathartic (and so is not altogether altruistic).

to help fellow travellers any way that we can will lighten the soul, and give precedence to id over ego.

fill the gap.

we’re all cosmic dust that, for a short period, has been made aware.

we have the privilege of experience that will never come again.

a once-in-eternity event. there is no reciprocation. make of it what you will.

we exist only in the memory of others; make those memories sweet.










Aug 05 2017

Ecclesiastics 3

To everything there is a reason

And a time to every purpose under the heaven

A time to be born and a time to die

A time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted

A time to kill and a time to heal

A time to break down and a time to build up

A time to weep and a time to laugh

A time to mourn and a time to dance

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together

A time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing

A time to seek and a time to lose

A time to keep and a time to cast away

A time to mend and a time to sew

A time to keep silence and a time to speak

A time to love and a time to hate

A time for war and a time for peace


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Jul 30 2017

The Limited Palette of a Perfect World by Alec Trivass

blue lapping on yellow.

sand and sea, sand and sea.

blue lapping on yellow.

timelessly, timelessly.

yellow merging to green.

tree and shore, tree and shore.

yellow merging to green.

ever more, ever more.

green fading to brown.

summer’s gone, summer’s gone.

green fading to brown.

anon, anon, anon.

brown leads to all colours.

earth and sky, earth and sky.

brown leads to all colours.

i’m born, i live, i die.

colours sink into grey.

listlessly, mist on sea.

colours sink into grey.

destiny, destiny.

grey pales into white.

start again, start again.

grey pales into white.

new dawn’s rain, new dawn’s rain.

rain runs into rivers.

fills the sea, fills the sea.

again start all the colours.

endlessly, ceaselessly, timelessly.



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Jul 27 2017

James Thomas 18th Century Chester Clockmaker

Chester Courant 23rd September 1777.

James Thomas clock and watchmaker, takes this method of acquainting the public that having had the opportunity of working under some of the most capital men in this kingdom, and make it his study to render himself complete in the above branches, he has now opened a shop opposite Mr. John Ellis’s wine vaults in Northgate Street where he purposes carrying on the above business in all their branches. He makes horizontal and plain gold and silver watches, also time-pieces according to Mr. Graham’s and Mr. Ellicott’s pendulums, musical and astronomical clocks, spring, plain and quarter ditto, repeaters in the neatest manner and after the strictest rules of mechanical principles, he also makes orreries , planetariums and sun dials on the most exact calculations.

He returns his grateful thanks to all those who have favoured him with their commands and begs leave to assure such ladies and gentlemen and others, who shall humour him with their future favours, that the same shall be executed on the shortest notice with the utmost punctuality, hoping by an unremitted attention to all orders to approve himself worth of encouragement.

NB He acquired Mr.Graham,’s method of clockmaking under his father, Lewis Thomas, who worked for that gentleman nine years

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Jul 22 2017

Yearning by Alec Trivass

where the high tide wets the lonely shore,

i’ll ask you (from the strand line store

of jetsam from the ocean’s maw)

to open up the ocean’s door

and take me to the ocean’s floor.

while men above may ply their oar

the deep will quiet the ocean’s roar

and together we will explore

the mysteries, ’til i am sure

that i can well resist the lure

of mortal world. then i can cure

my troubled soul, and leave it pure,

so i can make this place my home

then i will tell you, if allowed,

of clear blue sky and fleecy cloud

of massing throng and surging crowd.

of countries big, and nations proud

who never kept their word, avowed,

to smaller ones to whom they owed

a helping hand to ease the load

of governance along the road.

and other lost ‘ideals’ as these

that grew and blew about the breeze

of world opinion. reason sees

religion as the worst disease

under this world’s sky-blue dome.

up above, the nations fight

for some are wrong and some are right,

but who knows which? that is our plight.

no peaceful sleep thru’ gentle night,

but troubled dreams with eye closed tight

against reality, and might

fights mite and flames alight

on countries, and blind the sight

of people who would vent their spite

on brothers, whether black or white,

or other nations, and delight

to hear of death. and so respite

from this dread is why i come

mother nature – how they fought her.

harried her and then they caught her;

enslaved her and sold and bought her!

thus i seek the ocean’s daughter,

just to hear your silent laughter

in the deep. be free from slaughter

and oppression without quarter.

where i can be your ardent courter

so serene, beneath the water.

we’ve rejected magna mater;

if she leaves, there is no ‘later’.

when the world’s a smoking crater,

i will call this world my own.

this fitful sleep, this curse of men

who’ve reached (too soon) threescore and ten,

is ended now. i dreamt again

of seeking bliss, escaping pain

swimming in the watery main.

awake at last i ascertain

day has brushed aside night’s curtain.

time to rise, of this i’m certain.

i breakfast with a madeleine

and coffee, then i take my pen;

record these dreams. i smile, and then

give thanks for family. amen!

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Jul 18 2017

An 18th Century Chester clockmaker (conclusuion)

The writer seeking an explanation for the two signatures on the clock other than that occasioned by the possible replacement of a part of the dial through wear or damage, sought the opinion of Mr.H. Kenyon of the Old Leche House. Mr.Kenyon reviewed the transitional period when the square face long clocks were gradually going out of fashion and the arched-top long clock coming into demand. In these circumstances it would be quite probable and practical that square dials already made would be used rather than discarded, in making a new clock.  From the appearance of the clock in question this explanation would appear to apply, for there is no detectable difference in the upper and lower portions of the dial which one would expect to find in a repair or replacement

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Jul 15 2017

An 18th Century Chester Clockmaker

In the Sheaf of 5th. March 1960, reference is made to the Wrench family as Chester clockmakers of the 17th. and 18th. centuries. Two bore the name of John and two of William, but there is now evidence of another clockmaker in the family, Robert Wrench. His name does not appear in the Baillie records.  There is, however, an 18th.century long clock bearing his signature in the possession of Dr.G.W. Phillips of Chester. This clock has the unusual feature of bearing also the signature of Robert Cawley, also a Chester clockmaker. The dial is of brass and in the centre of the arched top there is a raised medallion with scrollwork  and the signature of Robert Wrench, Chester engraved on it. The square portion of the dial is so fixed to the upper arched portion that but for the two signatures  it would appear to be a solid whole. At the base of the square portion is the signature, Robert Cawley, Chester.

Whereas the dates of the three members of the Cawley family named Robert, were 1743, 1781 and 1797, one cannot be certain as to which one was contemporary with Robert Wrench, nor of the latter’s exact  relationship to John wrench  who died in 1751. or to William Wrench who died in 1763.

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Jul 11 2017

Robert Fletcher, Chester Clock and Watch Maker

This information is taken from the Chester Courant 7th July 1789.

Robert Fletcher respectfully acquaints  his friends and the Public, that he has removed from his late shop, adjoining the Eastgate, to a more commodious one in Foregate Street, nearly opposite the Post Office, late in the holding of Mr. Wilcoxon, linen-draper, where he makes and sells on the lowest terms, Musical, Quarter and Spring Repeating Clocks, on the best and lowest principles-plain and common ditto in Mahogany and Oak cases, Chamber and Pocket Alarms, fancy timepieces in gilt and enamelled cases, Spring and Weight Jacks on well constructed Plans, neat Gold, Silver, Metal , Enamelled and Tortoise-Shell Watches, which he will sell on terms of worthy of notice to the public.

He is happy in this opportunity of expressing his grateful acknowledgements, to his friends for the favours conferred on him in his late shop to merit a continuance of which he earnestly assures them, shall be his utmost endeavour.

N.B. The Watch and Clock repairing Business, as usual, carefully and expeditiously  executed.

A  choice assortment of Birmingham and Sheffield hardwares,  japanned goods, umbrellas etc. which he will sell on reasonable terms. Gold Balances sold and repaired, Gold rings, Plate,  etc.

A well regulated club, for the easier purchase of Clocks and Watches.

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