Sep 21 2018

Condition of Grandfather Clocks

I am most discerning about which clocks I purchase, and am proud of the condition in which they are presented for sale. My case polisher is as good as they come and loves working with grandfather clocks. My workshop manager, who is in charge of movement restoration, has been with me for all thirty six years. Originally, a Precision Engineer, there is no task too difficult for him to undertake. Sometimes, to me, his skill is almost magical. I, myself, am available to be contacted for any sale or after sale service, advice or even just a chat, 7 days a week

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Sep 20 2018

More Info on John

I have been selling antique grandfather clocks on a full time basis now for thirty Six years( I also sell a selection of fine quality Wall clocks, Mantel clocks and Barometers) and I have enjoyed and still enjoy every minute of it. I strive to offer my customers the very best of service and have not added “A Tradition of Excellence” to my company heading without it being hard earned. I offer a worldwide distribution service and in addition to a one year guarantee, free delivery and set up of a grandfather clock, to any destination on the UK.Mainland


Sep 19 2018

Choosing Your Grandfather Clock

Choose your grandfather / longcase / tallcase clock in the same careful way you chose your partner for life. Choose the one you are most attracted to and the one which you would be happy to live with for the rest of your days

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Sep 18 2018

Come My Friend

Come my friend
into the land of forgetfulness
where we can wash away the
hours of memories
in the twilight river

We can pluck purple roses
from winter plains
we can watch the sun rise
every morning
as we eat pickled liver

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Sep 13 2018

Inside Out by Corin Trvass

Sunny day in here
Deep blue sky dotted with white fluffy clouds.
the air is brilliant with the sound of birds
and the gentle rustle of thick foliage
on strong brown trees.
Gentle hum of bumble-bee
buzzing from bright yellow daffodils
to dripping honeysuckle.
Green graceful ferns wave tender exquisite arms.
The breeze wafts across open fields,
carrying with it the sweet smell of freshly cut grass, mingled with the heady scent of flowers.
Further on, a clear pool of sparkling green water ,
covered here and there with white lilies.
A frog lies basking in the sun,
his tongue flicking at flies.
On the other side, a great bay horse ambles down for a drink, his tail flicks at flies too.
The space is amber, golden sunlight bathes all,
It’s a sunny day in here.

Rainy day out there
Dark grey sky full of foreboding
Feel the calm of the brewing storm
Thunder speaks and the rain hurls down
with awesome force.
Lightning shows itself,
the air is aglow with strange light,
and the soft ground is torn open by turrents of unrelenting water.
Little rivulets fight their way to each other.
the drains overflow,the rain beats down..
Thunder and lightning flash and crash, sheets of inpenetrable rain
pounding, smashing.
The seas are boiling, the rivers are bursting,
carrying all before them
Our very island is at the mercy of the storm !
but the storm has no mercy
there is no respite out there
It’s a rainy day outside

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Sep 12 2018

The Wise Bird

There was a bird on yonder bough
It flew away, it’s not there now.
It left to empty its savings sock
So it could buy a Grandfather Clock(link
tel 0151 424 9189


Sep 10 2018

The life of a yet unborn child

To fly amongst the stars
visit Jupiter or Mars.
To build castles in Venusian sands
and hold moonbeams in his hand
To stop at a Mercury Cafe
as he  travels the Milky Way
to have a lot of fun
as he flashes passed the sun
To visit a Plutonium pool
and keep himself fresh and cool
To wonder where on Earth
that saying came from.?

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Sep 05 2018

The finger of society

See my finger pointing at you ?
Spitting is prohibited.
See my finger pointing at you ?
No smoking in the Surgery
See my finger pointing at you?
No walking on the Grass
See my finger pointing at you
You’ve not got a Grandfather Clock !


Sep 03 2018

Top Quality Clocks

I have recently obtained some top quality antique grandfather clocks including several fine examples from the Lake District. why not call round and see for yourselves ?


Aug 31 2018

disillusioned patriot

red,white and ?

blue, red and ??

white,blue and ???

land of ????

rule ?????

??????? save ??????


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