Jul 19 2010

It’s coming over me


These are the words to another one of my songs.
“It’s coming over me,this gentle feeling I feel
It’s coming over me, can this really be real?
I’ve been in love before,but never quite this way,
you came into my life,and now that’s where you’re going to stay.

It’s coming over me almost as if it was planned,
that warm and tender glow when you’re holding my hand,
When I look into your eyes sometimes I want to cry,
You’ve chosen me for life and I don’t really know why?

It’s coming over me each time I look at your face,
It’s coming over me,my heart can hardly keep pace,
With the happines and joy that beats within my soul,
I used to be a half, but now I’m finally whole.
It’s coming over me, it’s coming over me, it’s coming over me.

Grandfather clocks is me!


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