Aug 13 2016


In Chester’s first and second directories of 1781 and 1782 four longcase/ grandfather clock makers are mentioned by name: Robert Fletcher, New Linenhall  Street, Benjamin Peers, Eastgate Street; John Smith, Foregate Street; and James Thomas, Northgate Street. Of the last named,  the writer cannot find trace, but of the first three, further clues are to be found. It is, for instance, highly probable, that a second Robert Fletcher, who was a longcase/grandfather clock maker in Chester 1814-1834, was the son or a relative of  the Fletcher of 1782. Benjamin Peers was a member of a noted family of  longcase/grandfather clock makers from about 1745 to 1840. Benjamin Peers of Chester was the maker of a longcase/grandfather clock dated 1790 and listed in F. J. Britten’s ” Old clocks and their  makers ” now a standard work of reference. Over 11,00o clockmakers are traceable through this list, and as in the case of Benjamin Peers, a particular clock by a listed craftsman is frequently recorded with its date. John Smith of  Foregate street, would appear to be related to John Smith of Chester and the maker of a bracket clock of 1740



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