May 04 2017

Lawrence Earnshaw An Extraordinary Cheshire Man(Part Five)

Several of the clocks made by Earnshaw  are still to be found in Stalybridge, Mossley, and the Mottram district. The works are of brass and are very heavy, the dials are of the same metal, and are elaborately chased with brass fretwork at the corners. In Those at Stalybridge, the wheels and other parts are very strong and the planetary system seems to be represented , the minutes, hours,  days and months  and very curiously contrived , while the sun, moon and stars  are well brought to view according to their proper times and seasons. The clocks have generally half-circular brass plates in the middle of the dials and in one at Stalybridge the following letters are well engraved ” Lorence Earnshaw, Mottram ” but others are spelt in accordance with the more modern rules of orthography. He carried his theory and practice in that direction so far as to become the inventor of a very curious   astronomical and  geographical clock containing both the celestial and terrestrial globe to which the different movements were given representing  the annual and diurnal motions of the earth, the position of the moon and stars, the sun’s place in the ecliptic etc. with the greatest exactness. It is said that he made four of these remarkable machines and one of them, unusually  ornamental, was sold to the Earl of Bute for £150.00 and afterwards became the property of Lord Lonsdale.

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