May 19 2017

Lawrence Earnshaw an Exrtraordinary Cheshire Man (part 6)

All of the complicated calculations,  as well as the execution of this great work, were performed by Earnshaw himself, and it appears to have been his last great project, and upon which he declared to Mr. Samuel Hadfield of Manchester, his thoughts had been intensely employed for seven years and from which he had never wandered or ceased to ruminate except during the hours of sleep. He said he could not accomplish his object for want of money and Mr. Hadfield, who had been brought up near Mottram, asked him how much he needed. When his reply was two guineas, they were immediately given. Afterwards three guineas more were advanced and a Mr. Miles Dixon, a literary gentleman, made a journey for the sole purpose of seeing the clock and having some conversation with Earnshaw, he assisted him with a little more money and a few other friends did the same. It is humiliating to think , however,  that for seven years of intense study and labour, the greatest genius the  county of Chester ever produced, was only rewarded with £150.00 for the skill, time,  labour and money devoted to the perfecting of an astronomical clock, which still commands the admiration of men of science. Previous to his death, Earnshaw  became lame and for many years was under the necessity of using crutches, but his mind continued to the last, vigorous and strong.


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