May 23 2017

The Vicissutudes of a Cheshire Clock

Chester, from time immemorial, has been a great centre for the making of clocks. To possess one, of what are now called Grandfather Clocks, was the highest aim of many a thrifty couple about to begin the battle of life. In every village and hamlet of rural Cheshire, these clocks are to be found and are mostly prized heirlooms that have descended for father to son. There is a sterling nobility¬† and genuine worth in an old Cheshire clock. One such clock is ” Gabl Smith of Chester ” This clock has stood out of its native county and out of its rural elements, for thirty years yet is still reflecting honour on Gabriel Smith. For forty years this old clock stood in an old house, the woodwork of which was mainly old ship timber, by the bridge in Great Neston. The clock’s traditional history before that is that is was bought in Neston at the sale of one William Mathews.

While this old clock stood in Neston, it was more than ordinarily useful. The Denwall collieries of the Stanley’s were¬†then in full operation and by the wayfarers and the traffic managers that passed to and fro, many an anxious glance, either through the window or the open door, was cast on this old grandfather clock


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