May 30 2017

The Need by Alec Trivass

i yearn for fortune
to reach for the stars
to do something big
to do something grand
like fly to the moon
or colonise mars.
when everyone knows me
when i’m a great name
when i’ve got what i want
i’ll give all that i’ve got
to people who need it,
and live on my fame.
i need recognition
i need to be known.
when i reach that height
i’ll stay where i am.
at last i will have it:
a life of my own.
for life to have meaning
you must make your mark
so everyone sees it
and they know you have been.
for life must have meaning
or you’ve lived in the dark.
i may be a poet
or write a great song
or paint a great picture
or tell a great story,
but when i have done it
i’ll let life roll along.

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