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Mar 20 2018

School Days( Devotees of Grandfather clocks)

The headmaster is king of all, that’s what I leaned at school Never by late for assembly,that’s what I learned at school Love thy teacher as thyself,that’s what I learned at school, Sciving class means thee detentions, that’s what I learned at school Fervet Opus every day, that’s what I learned at school Hand you […]

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Mar 18 2018

To A Friend

Once we smiled and walked together .We had dreams, me my grandfather clocks, you your art. What happened ? We didn’t row,we didn’t fight we just drifted apart you to your sorrows, me to my wife. The house now stands empty, no life, except those of ghosts of the wild dreams once shared there by […]

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Mar 16 2018

Irv,John and Paul

Irving, Irving, riding high, In your yellow shirt and  bright pink tie, your little green van has served you well I think you’ll make it–ah,what the hell And you dear John,I thank you too, your butties kept me goining through our dear old years at the school, you worked hard and played the fool and […]

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Mar 15 2018

After the Arguement by Corin Trivass

Lost, in a world full of fear, in a world without feeling Stumbling, in a world blinded by power, in a world bent on self destruction. Lonely, on a mountain of debris, in a midst of radiation Living by a pool of blood, fishing for dreams, catching only the souls of dead politicians Crying in […]

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Mar 09 2018

Tale of the Rabbits Foot( for all devotees of Grandfather Clocks )

Once upon a time there were three rabbits named Foot, Foot Foot and Foot Foot Foot, and every footin’ day they went into the footin’ farmer’s field and ate his footin’ carrots. The footin’ farmer was livid, every footin’ day the three footers went into his footin’ field and ate his footin’ carrots. One footin’ […]


Feb 19 2018

The Night of Three or four by Corin Trivass

Three in a bed, one on the floor, killjoys walking through the door. Whisky and wine between the beds, and beer pouring down three sleepy heads Through the window, we made rain, poor Stan’s bike, it felt the pain. Drunken man in drunken Sleep, drunken thoughts he’d like to keep His befuddled mind in a […]

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Feb 12 2018


In my world, bluebells fly and Hermits come out to play, midgets grow and reach the sky, and night is turned to day In my world there is no king, nor is there a queen dumb men shout and even sing,and invisibles can be seen In my world ,tables talk it is each man to […]

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Feb 11 2018

The Football Match

At the bottom of our street, there is a football match and if you want to see it you have to pay a tenner, soldiers half a crown. sailors half a guinea, working men one and ten and little kids a penny. Would you like a ticket ?  

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Feb 06 2018

Valley Of Nowhere

Sitting in the dark, in a place where the night has only two eyes, Mine. and with these eyes, I see only blackness, like the blackness of a tormented soul, helplessly trapped in an everlasting limbo If only these eyes could locate the switch to bring back the light and shrink the expanded pupils of […]

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Feb 04 2018

Purple Light

I fight the smell of Purple Light, alone in my room,where I sit and think, of past thoughts , I used to keep trapped in my mind. Sometimes active, sometimes static,whilst I sleep. I must fight the smell of Purple Light Graffiti words on toilet walls, peeling wallpaper in dingy halls, with the dismal imagery. […]

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