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May 23 2017

The Vicissutudes of a Cheshire Clock

Chester, from time immemorial, has been a great centre for the making of clocks. To possess one, of what are now called Grandfather Clocks, was the highest aim of many a thrifty couple about to begin the battle of life. In every village and hamlet of rural Cheshire, these clocks are to be found and […]


May 19 2017

Lawrence Earnshaw an Exrtraordinary Cheshire Man (part 6)

All of the complicated calculations,  as well as the execution of this great work, were performed by Earnshaw himself, and it appears to have been his last great project, and upon which he declared to Mr. Samuel Hadfield of Manchester, his thoughts had been intensely employed for seven years and from which he had never […]


May 04 2017

Lawrence Earnshaw An Extraordinary Cheshire Man(Part Five)

Several of the clocks made by Earnshaw  are still to be found in Stalybridge, Mossley, and the Mottram district. The works are of brass and are very heavy, the dials are of the same metal, and are elaborately chased with brass fretwork at the corners. In Those at Stalybridge, the wheels and other parts are […]

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Apr 26 2017

Lawrence Earnshaw an Extraordinary Cheshire Man(part four)

Earnshaw was acquainted with the celebrated Mr.Brindley, and while the latter was conducting the Duke of Bridgewater’s great canal works, near Manchester, they sometimes met and it is said that so engrossed were their minds with the various schemes that they had on hand that the two congenial spirits did not soon separate The countenance of […]


Apr 15 2017

Robert Earnshaw an Extraordinary Cheshire Man(Part Three)

By The force of his natural abilities and the little instruction he could obtain, he  made himself one of the most universal mechanics the country has produced and it seems really strange Earnshaw should have lived and died so poor, when we consider the fortunes that were  afterwards made by men who invented machinery far from equal to […]


Apr 03 2017

Lawrence Earnshaw an Extraordinary Cheshire Man(Part Two)

Whenever it was known that the young clock mender was coming, not one of the family would be absent, for his conversation was of itself a treat which non of them liked to be deprived of. While he worked he talked and the family stood in a group listening to his quaint local language and […]


Mar 31 2017

Lawrence Earnshaw an Extraordinary Cheshire Man (Part One)

Several natives of Mottram have distinguished themselves in the arts and sciences. The most remarkable was Lawrence Earnshaw , who was born early in the 18th century, in a house on Mottram Moor, which is pointed out by the old folks with veneration. At an early age, he was apprenticed for seven years to Mr.Samuel […]


Mar 21 2017

The Callcott Family, Makers of Antique Grandfather Clocks in Cheshire (Conclusion)e

Arthur Drummond Callcott will be remembered by older Malpas residents and in the  ” Whitchurch Herald ” for 3rd of January 1931, he appears in a feature on the oldest people in the area. Of him, the article says the he was ” The oldest founder member  of the Jubilee Hall and having a great […]


Mar 17 2017

The Callcott Family, Makers of Antique Grandfather Clocks in Cheshire (Part Three)

However, some members of the family were moving around. Thomas Wallcott  first appears in Well Street, Malpas in a directory of 1822/3. Afterwards he appears in directories from 1828 and 1834 as a watch and grandfatherclock maker in Old Hall Street, Malpas.  However, clockmakers have a habit of scratching clean marks  on clocks that they […]


Mar 15 2017

The Callcott Family,Makers of Antique Grandfather Clocks in Cheshire (Part Two)

John two married an Ann Batho in Wem in 1801 and it was this family  which in 1809 held the Raven Public House in Watergate Street, Whitchurch. He also made fine  Grandfather Clocks and some time ago, I was lucky enough to find and photograph one. This is also an oak cased white dial grandfather clock […]