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May 24 2018

Clock Reference from Ian Sheperdson

I recently bought a grandfather clock from John Shone via his website.Everything was exactly as described,the clock is beautiful and works perfectly.The grandfather clock was delivered and set up with great care and I am delighted with both the piece itself and the service I received. Ian Sheperdson, Newcastle-On-Tyne

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May 22 2018

Joseph Walker, Nantwich 1779

Watch and grandfather clock maker, Servant for twenty years and upwards to the late Mr. Green, takes this opportunity of returning his sincere thanks to his friends and public , for the many obligations they have already conferred on him, and begs leave to inform them , that he is removed to Mr. Massie’s late […]


May 15 2018

Grandfather Clock Reference from USA

Hi john, Grandfather Clock arrived safely and is now snug in its own little corner. Alan Trachtenburg, Philadelphia USA

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May 11 2018

Clock Reference, Charlotte Cummins

Dear John, Thank you for the grandfather clocks.We are absolutely delighted with them.They have added so much to the house with the “music” they now make around the house with their chimes. Your service was wonderful,coming on that huge journey just three days after I got in touch with you,fitting the grandfather clocks and making […]

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May 10 2018

Grandfather Clock Advice When Setting Up

After standing the case against a wall or Post , it may be advisable to screw¬† it to the wall or post to make it secure.¬† This obviously makes it more difficult to remove in the event of a break in, but it also prevents any vibration of the case. I have seen clocks stop […]

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May 08 2018

Reference from David Messineo

Dear John Your Grandfather “organ” clock is just incredibly magnificent!! As an organist, organ builder and clock collector I can intimately and sincerely admire such a work of art and craftsmanship. I have many clocks and a pipe organ in my home but unfortunately would never be able to afford a clock like yours. I […]

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May 04 2018

Painting Pictures (A Song)

I called my girl on the telephone, on the telephone, on the telephone I called my girl on the telephone just to see what she was doing ” I’m painting pictures ” she said ” painting pictures, painting pictures, painting pictures I’m painting pictures ” she said ” Painting pictures, I’m just painting pictures ” […]

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May 01 2018

Film Star Clock

In 2008,one of my Antique Grandfather Clocks, ” James Brindley ” of Newcastle, was chosen as a furniture prop for the film ” Wolfman ” starring Anthony Hopkins. It was delivered to Wolfman Productions, Stanley Kubric Building, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Bucks

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Apr 24 2018

Changing Times

We stand together solid and strong and face in a certain direction. Suddenly an explosion occurs and we are blown apart from each other, but when the force subsides, we fall back to the same place. The only difference is, that time has evolved and now, you and me are not facing in the same […]

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Apr 20 2018

Grandfather Clock Reference by Elmer Holt USA

Hello John, Both grandfather clocks are fine and are a welcome addition to our home.They are now like members of the family,sort of tall,just stand around a lot,communicate with their hands,occasionally speak up,low maintenance and become quiet when needing attention. Wendy and Elmer Holt, Fairfax Station, Virginia, USA

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