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Oct 22 2018

Starting the Pendulum Swinging on a Grandfather Clock

. What you are listening for is a nice steady tick-tock-tick-tock. If you hear this even sound, the clock is in beat and should keep going. If the beat is irregular e.g. tick—tock——tick-tock, an adjustment must be made or the clock will stop. This can be done by placing a small thickness of wood, carpet, […]

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Oct 19 2018

Grandfather Clocks Trunks

The door on the trunk can tell you many things about a clock. On earlier Grandfather Clocks, the door will be long, taking up all the distance between the hood and the base. The look of the clock will be enhanced by this and it will have a tall elegant appearance.As the nineteenth century approached, […]

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Oct 18 2018

Moving the Hands on a Grandfather Clock

If ever you need to move the Grandfather Clock hands, never move them backwards more than a few minutes, and NEVER at all past the number 12.When moving the hands forward, always allow the clock to strike the appropriate hour when moving the minute hand past the 12.


Oct 17 2018

Placing The Movement Into A Grandfather Clock Case

Before doing this, always check, on every occasion, that the gut lines are still on the winding barrels and have not dropped off onto the winding spindles. If they have, undo them and put them back onto the barrels. It may be necessary to undo the guts from the seat board and take the pulley […]


Oct 15 2018

Hanging the Pendlum on a Grandfather Clock

Most pendulums have a front and back. The flat, polished part of the pendulum bob, should be at the front. If you have had the pendulum sent to you fastened to a piece of wood, the feather or suspension spring, may need a turn to get it correctly positioned on the pendulum rod. Feed the […]

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Oct 12 2018

Names on Grandfatherclock Clocks Dials

Usually, it is safe to say that most grandfather clock painted dials contained either the name of the actual maker (early clocks) or the name of the person who bought the parts (dial, movement, case etc.) and assembled them together, this being more common towards the last quarter of the eighteenth century. However, this is […]

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Oct 11 2018

Not For The Want of Crying by Corin Trivass

The room is littered yet sparce, having only the bare essentials needed by a modern man living the ” Real ” life. Many psychadelic pictures of Bob Dylan and The Beatles, one double bed, one Radio Gram one shelf full of modern poetry books, one table cluttered with past editions of underground magazines etc.etc. You […]

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Oct 09 2018

Old Every Morning by Corin Trivass

Every morning through the smeared window encased in old worm-eaten wood I survey my world. It’s still the same place, nothing has changed except perhaps it is a little dirtier than yesterday Outside, cracked paving stones worn thin over the years by countless pairs of shoes Busy road, trafficking private and commercial vehicles. Opposite ,a […]

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Oct 05 2018

Almost a Decade (My Partner and Me )

The first year was ecstatic, we were really and truly in love The second year followed a similar course The third year was a disaster, she got pregnant! The fourth year was absolute hell The fifth year I nearly commited suicide she got pregnant again! the sixth year I defied the church and bought contraceptives […]

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Oct 04 2018

The Big Chief

Grief, my gout is bad today all the stresses and strains of responsibility you know Still only one man for the job isn’t there ? Not like in my day, Where are the boys that are keen that are seen that have been trained you know ? the boys with brains switched onto the mains […]

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