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Aug 09 2018

Prepare to be Amazed

People are being amazed by the quality of my antique grandfather clocks. Conversely, my grandfather clocks are being amazed by the quality of my customers. Why not join in all this amazement ?  

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Aug 08 2018


Whisper it softly Don’t shout it loud Don’t let the whole world know I’m not very proud. It was nice on the beach The warm golden sun How did I know She’d end up with a bun !  

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Aug 02 2018

Lack of Understanding

The empty Feeling in her heart, told her that they’d have to part. The careless thoughts within her head just emphasized her love was dead. She tried to recapture again and again days of rapture filled with such sweet pain She shoudn’t leave him, not this way yet she new if she told him, he’d […]

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Jul 27 2018

A Life Once Shared

A life once shared is empty when, your fellow day dreamer and believer has gone, Leaving behind, nothing but a dog eared note book, Full of her thoughts  

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Jul 25 2018

Love Story 6 (Final Part )

He lost his job, probably he would have lost it anyway but it wasn’t worth having anymore, nothing was,so he didn’t care. With humble apologies, he went back to his old friends, they were genuinely pleased to see him, in a way the felt sorry for him. In the evenings he would stand and watch […]


Jul 24 2018

Delivery and Setting up of Grandfather clocks

There is free delivery and setting up of¬† my Antique Grandfather¬† clocks to and destination on the UK mainland There is also a one year guarantee. .  


Jul 23 2018

Love Story (part five)

At first he tried to fight it ,slowly he realized there was no defence. He just lay on his bed each night, stared at the black void and cried. there was nothing left inside him, yet he ached so. He went to places they had been to and imagined her there, He would hold her […]


Jul 21 2018

Love Story (Part Four)

He changed, he tried not to, but he changed. He became cold and embittered. anything or anyone who stood in this way was eliminated from his life. the sparkle faded from his eyes, she saw it and tried to warn him. Her finger no longer brushed his lips, her hand did not caress his cheek. […]


Jul 20 2018

Love Story (Part Three)

They had reached the peak of their happiness when his foolish ambition destroyed it. His job was reasonable and they could have lived peacefully, yet he yearned for more, he wanted her to have everything.. She was blissfully unaware and contented,but he was not. He tried to explain that he would need to work long […]

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Jul 19 2018

Love Story (Part two)

What causes one person to care for another more than he cares for himself ? Whom or what was responsible for the way in which he cared for her ? It did not matter, a single kiss and nothing mattered He reflected on the fact that a mere slip of a girl could cause such […]

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