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Feb 12 2018


In my world, bluebells fly and Hermits come out to play, midgets grow and reach the sky, and night is turned to day In my world there is no king, nor is there a queen dumb men shout and even sing,and invisibles can be seen In my world ,tables talk it is each man to […]

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Feb 11 2018

The Football Match

At the bottom of our street, there is a football match and if you want to see it you have to pay a tenner, soldiers half a crown. sailors half a guinea, working men one and ten and little kids a penny. Would you like a ticket ?  

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Feb 06 2018

Valley Of Nowhere

Sitting in the dark, in a place where the night has only two eyes, Mine. and with these eyes, I see only blackness, like the blackness of a tormented soul, helplessly trapped in an everlasting limbo If only these eyes could locate the switch to bring back the light and shrink the expanded pupils of […]

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Feb 04 2018

Purple Light

I fight the smell of Purple Light, alone in my room,where I sit and think, of past thoughts , I used to keep trapped in my mind. Sometimes active, sometimes static,whilst I sleep. I must fight the smell of Purple Light Graffiti words on toilet walls, peeling wallpaper in dingy halls, with the dismal imagery. […]

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Feb 02 2018


I noticed in an old house in Ruthin, a handsome old Grandfather Clock with a brass face on which the name of the maker William Thompson, Chester and Tempus fugit were engraved. Standing on three small spheres at the top of the case were three eagles with wings expanded This individual who is described as […]

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Jan 31 2018

Best there is today

when i first opened my eyes to the world around me it as hard to realise that i hadn’t always been. things seemed to happen relative to me. i was the focus; the fulcrum; the centre about which all things revolved. but gradually, i diminished, i shrunk…grew up to the realisation that i was just […]

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Jan 29 2018

The Common Dream by Alec Trivass

i yearn for great fortune to reach for the stars to do something so big to do something grand like: fly up to the moon; or to colonise mars. for life to have meaning. you must make your mark, so everyone sees it and knows you have been. for life must have meaning or you’ve […]

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Jan 15 2018

I Looked Through My Window Pane

I looked through my window pane,and there I saw a cloud, drifting along in the sky and i said to myself. far away from the crowd,why oh why can’t I ? Then my little boy said ” Daddy,I love you ” made me feel so proud tell me how,won’t you tell me how.I could ever […]


Dec 06 2017

Chester Clock Robbery 8th March 1933

Chester Chronicle 8th March 1833. Whereas some person or persons did late on Wednesday night the 6th or early on Thursday the 7th instant, break into the shop occupied by BRYARS, WATCHMAKERS, Eastgate Street Row, Chester and did steal from there THREE CLOCKS ,with Samuel Bryars, Chester, on the same,a nd ONE CLOCK(without name)striking on […]

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Nov 23 2017


Chester Chronicle 27th January 1836. We have lately seen a large turret clock, upon a magnificent scale, at the shop of Mr. Fletcher, clockmaker at the Eastgate, which is entirely of Chester manufacture. It is intended for the stable tower at Eaton Hall and gives the time on four different dials, strikes the hours and […]