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Jun 25 2017


the morning air, still cold from night brings sounds and smells. and cold grey light lights up the fading pattern on the wall. the household is awakening to the rattle and clink of breakfast things, for the milkman has made his call. the milkman softly urged his horse that pulled the drey with graceful force, […]

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Apr 26 2017

Lawrence Earnshaw an Extraordinary Cheshire Man(part four)

Earnshaw was acquainted with the celebrated Mr.Brindley, and while the latter was conducting the Duke of Bridgewater’s great canal works, near Manchester, they sometimes met and it is said that so engrossed were their minds with the various schemes that they had on hand that the two congenial┬áspirits did not soon separate The countenance of […]


Jun 11 2013


The craftsmen who made the cases for Cheshire Grandfather clocks ran alongside the best case makers from any part of the country, for quality and style. Superb cases were made from the very elaborate walnut and mahogany cases right down to the very desirable plain and simple cottagers’ oak cased clocks. Like other parts of […]

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