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Nov 23 2017


Chester Chronicle 27th January 1836. We have lately seen a large turret clock, upon a magnificent scale, at the shop of Mr. Fletcher, clockmaker at the Eastgate, which is entirely of Chester manufacture. It is intended for the stable tower at Eaton Hall and gives the time on four different dials, strikes the hours and […]


Oct 04 2017

How Many Flies a Tail by Alec Trivass

how many flies to a tail? well a horse has a big tail for shifting flies, but that’s not what i mean now, is it? so how many flies to a tail? (well of course it’s a long tale, so listen carefully, or you’ll miss it!)   a chit-chat is a lizard that lives on […]


May 23 2017

The Vicissutudes of a Cheshire Clock

Chester, from time immemorial, has been a great centre for the making of clocks. To possess one, of what are now called Grandfather Clocks, was the highest aim of many a thrifty couple about to begin the battle of life. In every village and hamlet of rural Cheshire, these clocks are to be found and […]