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Dec 06 2017

Chester Clock Robbery 8th March 1933

Chester Chronicle 8th March 1833. Whereas some person or persons did late on Wednesday night the 6th or early on Thursday the 7th instant, break into the shop occupied by BRYARS, WATCHMAKERS, Eastgate Street Row, Chester and did steal from there THREE CLOCKS ,with Samuel Bryars, Chester, on the same,a nd ONE CLOCK(without name)striking on […]

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Sep 21 2017

Water Clock By Thomas Cromer, Chester

A water clock or clepsydra was one apparatus by means of which time was measured. This method was in force from a very remote early period and necessitated a perfectly uniform flow of water. An ornamental form of clock consisted of a base containing a cistern into which water flowed and surmounted by a column […]

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Sep 18 2017

Additional Fish by Alec Trivass

    a catalogue of ichthyes and many other creatures! can you categorize and itemize all of their features?   which of us would have known you knew so much of things piscean? as drawn on ancient pottery, both greek and mycenaean.     can you pigeonhole and classify, or register and scoop all the […]

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Aug 05 2017

Ecclesiastics 3

To everything there is a reason And a time to every purpose under the heaven A time to be born and a time to die A time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted A time to kill and a time to heal A time to break down and a […]

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Jul 22 2017

Yearning by Alec Trivass

where the high tide wets the lonely shore, i’ll ask you (from the strand line store of jetsam from the ocean’s maw) to open up the ocean’s door and take me to the ocean’s floor. while men above may ply their oar the deep will quiet the ocean’s roar and together we will explore the mysteries, ’til i am […]

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Jul 18 2017

An 18th Century Chester clockmaker (conclusuion)

The writer seeking an explanation for the two signatures on the clock other than that occasioned by the possible replacement of a part of the dial through wear or damage, sought the opinion of Mr.H. Kenyon of the Old Leche House. Mr.Kenyon reviewed the transitional period when the square face long clocks were gradually going out […]

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Jul 15 2017

An 18th Century Chester Clockmaker

In the Sheaf of 5th. March 1960, reference is made to the Wrench family as Chester clockmakers of the 17th. and 18th. centuries. Two bore the name of John and two of William, but there is now evidence of another clockmaker in the family, Robert Wrench. His name does not appear in the Baillie records.  […]

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Jul 11 2017

Robert Fletcher, Chester Clock and Watch Maker

This information is taken from the Chester Courant 7th July 1789. Robert Fletcher respectfully acquaints  his friends and the Public, that he has removed from his late shop, adjoining the Eastgate, to a more commodious one in Foregate Street, nearly opposite the Post Office, late in the holding of Mr. Wilcoxon, linen-draper, where he makes […]

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Jul 03 2017

LABOUR NOT by Alec Trivass

you labour too long on things that used to be or on things that are. go with the flow of life like a raft on a river. go wherever it takes you. if something interests you, by all means paddle to the bank and rest a while. but there’s no resisting the flow. allow yourself […]

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Jun 30 2017

Home Life by Alec Trivass

home is a place that i come to each evening, kids at the window and wife at the door home is a place with a warm fire burning for my returning each evening at four. home is a place, just a house and a garden but evenings and weekends i know i am king. that’s […]

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