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May 04 2017

Lawrence Earnshaw An Extraordinary Cheshire Man(Part Five)

Several of the clocks made by Earnshaw  are still to be found in Stalybridge, Mossley, and the Mottram district. The works are of brass and are very heavy, the dials are of the same metal, and are elaborately chased with brass fretwork at the corners. In Those at Stalybridge, the wheels and other parts are […]

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Jul 05 2016


    “the face of the moment ticking away upon the mantlepiece portioned the day into twenty four hours dark, light, and grey   tho’ time passes slowly passing the buck with each passing minute never gets stuck, for ticking is living, and so he ‘tuck’.   so for hours, and yours and everyone’s time […]

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Jul 12 2012

Marquetry And Lacquered Grandfather Clock Cases

Marquetry and lacquered grandfather clock cases Both used to house top quality works. Made from the mid to late seventeeth century to the early to mid eighteenth century. I do not think that many, if any, Cheshire clockmakers would have housed their works in such cases. A marquetry case, housing a works by Thomas Talbot […]

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Nov 19 2010

Baby, don’t leave me (or my grandfather clocks)

Another song bites the dust. “Baby, baby, I hear you’re leavin’ I’ve heard some talk that you’ve been a grievin’ Baby, baby what do you say now? Don’t go away, I want you to stay now. Don’t go down the track please come on back Baby don’t leave me Baby, baby I hear you’ve been […]

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Oct 05 2010

If I could love you more

(LIKE GRANDFATHER CLOCKS) Another one of my songs. 1st verse ———- If I could love you more I would, if only you were not so good, but there’s an angel in your head, you need the devil there instead, well do you think I’m made of wood? 2nd verse. ——— Girl,I just don’t know where […]

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May 19 2010

Marriage of the Sun King

(I bought him two grandfather clocks) Oh great and yellow globe, with heat so fierce, so bright, remember this day, for you marry the moon to give her light. A golden chariot will be drawn by seven fiery horses,whose nostrils flare with power, whose mighty hoofs, crash fearfully down,shaking the very sky with awesome might, […]

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