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Aug 09 2017

Live Your Life by Alec Trivass

life is like a man walking. he has to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’. perhaps, along his journey, he finds that his feet are sore and bleeding. the road is long he decides that he can walk no more. here he will stay. and so he stays, perhaps content, perhaps frustrated. he finds that ‘there’ […]


Jun 11 2010

Way ahead Grandma

(she loved grandfather clocks) When I was very small, even smaller than I am today, my parents often took me to my Grandma’s house. Every time we went,I would ask my grandma for a sugar butty and on each occasion she would sing out melodically “Every Matchbox to its own egg” I remember it distinctly,”Every […]


May 19 2010

Marriage of the Sun King

(I bought him two grandfather clocks) Oh great and yellow globe, with heat so fierce, so bright, remember this day, for you marry the moon to give her light. A golden chariot will be drawn by seven fiery horses,whose nostrils flare with power, whose mighty hoofs, crash fearfully down,shaking the very sky with awesome might, […]

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Mar 02 2010

Wondering (about grandfather clocks)

Walking in fields I had known as a child, the wavering corn growing graceful and wild. Thinking of friends, of childrens games the joyful feeling of childhood names. The old battered barn where we played in the loft, Jennifer Andrews so cuddly and soft. Cowboys, commandos, kiss and then run, all of the gang dashing […]

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May 21 2004

You’ve got to Live

(but not without your grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) You’ve got to live,you’ve got to die, everything else is of your own choosing to reason why. A life once shared,is empty when, your fellow dreamer has gone, thoughts just wander on. When a boy is young he loves everyone, but all too soon,he’s taught the rules and learns […]

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Apr 16 2004

To she who is graced with many talents

(and grandfather clocks) To she who is graced with many talents, that are as bright as the Heavens and as fresh as the sea, and whose very presence fills all who surround her with warmth and love and yet who is so unassuming that she is quite content to have all her qualities condensed into […]

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Mar 23 2004

So did I

(and I also bought grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) When she walked into the room, so did I. When she poured herself a drink, so did I. When she said “I want you now!”, so did I. When she turned to lock the door, so did I. When she cast her clothes aside, so did I. When she […]

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Feb 24 2004

Where are the boys?

(they are out buying grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) Well I rode on the back of the Caterpillar Express, not the side, not the front, not the middle, but the back no less. Trying hard to find somebody who would see, that one day I’d have a Butterfly under me. Where are the boys who are seen, who […]

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Feb 14 2004

Grandfather clock cartoon

February 2004 – ‘Looks like cock up time again!’

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Jan 28 2004

The amazing tale of the one-eyed Grud

(and his fight to save the grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) Down in the wood, The One Eyed Grud, was searching around for some dinner. He hadn’t eaten for several days, and his belly got thinner and thinner. He’d lived in the woods, all of his life only home he’d ever known. And because he was so ugly, […]

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