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Dec 06 2017

Chester Clock Robbery 8th March 1933

Chester Chronicle 8th March 1833. Whereas some person or persons did late on Wednesday night the 6th or early on Thursday the 7th instant, break into the shop occupied by BRYARS, WATCHMAKERS, Eastgate Street Row, Chester and did steal from there THREE CLOCKS ,with Samuel Bryars, Chester, on the same,a nd ONE CLOCK(without name)striking on […]

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Sep 26 2017


city with two cathedrals a city with two football teams a city of opposites. a city of great beauty a city of once ugly streets a city of opposites a city of great freedoms a city built on slavery a city of opposites. a city of individuals a city of sectarianism a city of opposites. […]

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Sep 21 2017

Water Clock By Thomas Cromer, Chester

A water clock or clepsydra was one apparatus by means of which time was measured. This method was in force from a very remote early period and necessitated a perfectly uniform flow of water. An ornamental form of clock consisted of a base containing a cistern into which water flowed and surmounted by a column […]

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Sep 18 2017

Additional Fish by Alec Trivass

    a catalogue of ichthyes and many other creatures! can you categorize and itemize all of their features?   which of us would have known you knew so much of things piscean? as drawn on ancient pottery, both greek and mycenaean.     can you pigeonhole and classify, or register and scoop all the […]

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Sep 08 2017


Chester Courant 11th October 1791. No.19, Near the Feathers Inn, Bridge Street, Bridge Street Row, CHESTER Watches, which are made under his own inspection, having from eighteen years study, made himself by working under some of the first masters in the kingdom, perfectly acquainted with the principles of repeating horizontal seconds and plain watches, which […]

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Aug 31 2017

Gowning Over

    you snide, you tried to hide your wide backside.     you sighed   when i’d espied your wide backside.     thought i’d deride your wide backside poolside.     so tried to hide your wide backside seaside.     the tide defied your pride. you cried. love died.     you […]

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Aug 29 2017

Disley Church Clock, Cheshire

Extracts from the autobiography of James Rolston, Journeyman Engraver of Disley in Cheshire The manuscripts from which these extracts are taken, were discovered ,with other records, in a deed box half buried in Disley churchyard. It is dated 1863 when Ralston was 79. He died in 1875 at the age of 91. In the year […]

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Aug 11 2017

A Night On The Briney by Alec Trivass

    the scene – lit up as lightning flashed, was terrible. loud thunder’s boom rolled out and crashed – as water lashed and smashed and dashed itself to spume, driven by wind; the breath of death in the gloom of doom.     the gale drove mountains of water, rank upon rank, across the […]

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Aug 05 2017

Ecclesiastics 3

To everything there is a reason And a time to every purpose under the heaven A time to be born and a time to die A time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted A time to kill and a time to heal A time to break down and a […]

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Jul 27 2017

James Thomas 18th Century Chester Clockmaker

Chester Courant 23rd September 1777. James Thomas clock and watchmaker, takes this method of acquainting the public that having had the opportunity of working under some of the most┬ácapital men in this kingdom, and make it his study to render himself complete in the above branches, he has now opened a shop opposite Mr. John […]

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