Archive of October 2004 - Antique Grandfather Clocks

Oct 28 2004

We’re older now

(but not as old as grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) We’re older now, has it been so long, since I saw you, touched you, loved you? Always new I’d lose you, you were so pretty you see, never understood what you saw in me. But I can remember, can’t I ? And when I do, I fill with […]


Oct 21 2004


Nasty Blue Jigger (Grandfather clock Stopper!) Often, when I first buy a grandfather clock that is not working properly, I find a Nasty Blue Jigger hidden way down in the movement. The sole purpose of a Nasty Jigger is to stop the clock from functioning. However, once I have waxed polished the case and then […]