Archive of December 2004 - Antique Grandfather Clocks

Dec 28 2004

Who’d have a kid?

(a day in the life of my daughter at 7 years old) On waking her up “I feel a bit funny today, mum, can’t raise my weary head. I really feel funny today, mum, I’d better not get out of bed. My tummy aches like mad, mum, I feel like I’ve swallowed a brick, and […]


Dec 12 2004


The One Eyed Grud (Saviour of the world – See poem, Jan 2004) Above is a rare and possibly unique picture of the One Eyed Grud without his cap. He always wears a cap. He is so confused without it that he is using his hand as a substitute. Grud is a grandfather clock fanatic […]