May 26 2012

Princess In Waiting

Princess in Waiting

by John Shoneon Friday, May 25, 2012 at 4:12pm ·

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Some time ago in a faraway land (not long.long ago,within the last 30 years actually) there lived a middle aged, fairly average looking Princess. Because she was middle aged and fairly average looking, try as she might, she could not find romance.

One day she noticed an advertisement in a paper ” Have your photographs developed in three days ! Amazing service !”

With nothing better to do, the Princess decided to go round the Palace and take pictures of everything. She then sent the film off and waited for the pictures to return. After two weeks, nothing happened so the Princess rang the developer who promised them the next day but nothing arrived . Despite numerous other phone calls, after 6 weeks there was no sign of the pictures. One of the ladies in waiting saw all this and said to the Princess. ” Does your highness not get depressed ? You cannot get your pictures back and because you are middle aged and fairly average looking you cannot find true love “.

The Princess though for a moment and then said “Not really, for deep in my heart of hearts,I know that one day, my prints will come. cha cha cha ” (The cha cha version is a lot rarer and thus more collectable).

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