Oct 19 2012


The four baddies, Sam,Bob,Tom and their fearless leader Bad Mike (so called because his name was Mike and everyone thought he was bad), sat around the table planning their next bank job. Bad Mike laid out the plans ” Sam and Bob will go in the back and me and Tom will go in the front. (This attention to detail was why Bad Mike was the fearless leader) ” Sam, I would also like you to get your girl friend Ellie to drive the getaway car. She’s not the brightest spark but she’s the best driver I’ve ever seen.”
“No problem ” replied Sam.
The group then dispersed, awaiting the day of the deed.
The day arrived and Bad Mike managed to drag himself slowly very slowly in fact, out of bed in order to prepare for action and a lengthy piss.
Suddeny the phone rang,it was Sam ” Bad Mike, bad news,you need to get another getaway driver,Ellie has been involved in a fatal road accident.She has been run over by a chinese company steam roller ,the driver wants a quick word with you, I’ll put him on “
” Herro, Bad Mike, I’m velly solly but Flat Ellie will get you nowhere¬†


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