Archive of December 2013 - Antique Grandfather Clocks

Dec 27 2013

Grandfather Clocks in Salerooms

Sometimes when I go into a sale room,  I  see people struggling to get the hood off a grandfather clock. It is a good thing that most auction houses tie the case to a post or something similar, because many more grandfather clocks would be pulled over as people struggle to get the hood off. It may […]


Dec 18 2013


When I replace the feet on a grandfather clock case, I usually  get my cabinet maker to make the back feet a little shorter than the  front feet. I am more often than not standing the clock on a carpet. As the carpet has either a hem or gripper rods, making it higher by the skirting […]


Dec 06 2013


A feature that some Cheshire grandfather clocks share with their Lancashire counter-parts in the early 19th century is the wide and somewhat disproportionate trunks to the case. However there was a local tradition of cabinet making in Chester and this often excelled in veneered case work. This can be seen on a grandfather clock face by […]