Nov 07 2016


In the Cluny Museum in Paris, where the unique mediaeval collections are housed so aptly in the hotel of the Abbots of Cluny, there is an old English astronomical  bracket clock in an ebony case by Joseph Taylor of ” Nampwitch dans le Cheshire Temps de Louis XIII “. but the following additions will interest present readers who may be glad to know that it has been restored to its old home in Paris.

A letter from the Curator ( translation ) reads ” This clock displays a main dial showing the hours supporting a hollow engraved globe with a mobile dial having the pointer for the hours designed with great skill and displaying the signs of the  zodiac. Above is a dial of the days of the month and in the angles are those of the epact, the golden number, the Dominical letter and the solar cycle. The base below is of engraved copper. Height 28 1/2 ins. Number in catalogue 6801 “


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