Jan 13 2017

Frank Hope-Jones The Cheshire Man Who Gave Us The Pips (Part Three)

The business grew and moved again to 32-34 Clerkenwell Road which served the business until 1940. Mr.Boswell left the Syndicate in 1899 and in 1901 it went into voluntary liquidation. Frank Hope-Jones took over its assets and was determined to carry on alone. His first job when he found himself in sole control of the Synchronome business in 1901 was improve his business and to improve his clock system. He did this by his lectures, his press activities and more particularly his energetic interest in the main subject of accurate time-keeping and the establishment of public clock systems.

Frank Hope-Jones in the company of  William Willet and T.D. Wright were instrumental in persuading the government to introduce day light saving. Willet’s original proposal was to advance time in 20 minute stages but  T.D Wright wanted a full hour advance. The first daylight saving was instituted by the Germans during the war, this country followed on May 20th 2016.

In 1913 he invented the Homophone so that Watch and Clockmakers could listen on a simpal crystal receiver to time signals that were sent out from the Eiffel Tower


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