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May 30 2017

The Need by Alec Trivass

i yearn for fortune to reach for the stars to do something big to do something grand like fly to the moon or colonise mars. when everyone knows me when i’m a great name when i’ve got what i want i’ll give all that i’ve got to people who need it, and live on my […]

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May 23 2017

The Vicissutudes of a Cheshire Clock

Chester, from time immemorial, has been a great centre for the making of clocks. To possess one, of what are now called Grandfather Clocks, was the highest aim of many a thrifty couple about to begin the battle of life. In every village and hamlet of rural Cheshire, these clocks are to be found and […]


May 19 2017

Lawrence Earnshaw an Exrtraordinary Cheshire Man (part 6)

All of the complicated calculations,¬† as well as the execution of this great work, were performed by Earnshaw himself, and it appears to have been his last great project, and upon which he declared to Mr. Samuel Hadfield of Manchester, his thoughts had been intensely employed for seven years and from which he had never […]


May 04 2017

Lawrence Earnshaw An Extraordinary Cheshire Man(Part Five)

Several of the clocks made by Earnshaw¬† are still to be found in Stalybridge, Mossley, and the Mottram district. The works are of brass and are very heavy, the dials are of the same metal, and are elaborately chased with brass fretwork at the corners. In Those at Stalybridge, the wheels and other parts are […]

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