Jul 03 2017

LABOUR NOT by Alec Trivass

you labour too long on things that used to be

or on things that are.

go with the flow of life like a raft on a river.

go wherever it takes you.

if something interests you, by all means paddle to the bank and rest a while.

but there’s no resisting the flow.

allow yourself time for you.

be easy; you’ve earned it.

we all of us are amateurs at living, when we start,

and we formulate our bit of the world to our limited understanding of it.

we do whatever our consciences permit us to do.

some of us are evil, some of us are saints

but most of us fall in between, and do what we think is required of us.

we bridle when criticised by others, so why should we accept self-criticism

when we were trying our best? why should you?

relax and be easy.

i found myself cursing myself for being a tottering old bastard

because i fell over trying to put the second leg into my trousers.

i thought i was only fit for the scrap heap. then i remembered yesterday.

the day before i was asked to sort out my innumerable shirts and discard many.

i found myself examining them critically, and in many cases i thought: “there’s years of life left in that”, and tossed it on the ‘keep’ pile.

i hate throwing things out if they’re useful.

i looked at the face of antiquity staring out at me from the mirror, and thought:

“there’s years of life left in you, son.” i jumped on the ‘keep’ pile.

so – love yourself, john. love life and all it’s vagaries. remember only the good times, and smile – forget the rest.

accept your age and accompanying infirmities and live with it. above all give thanks for your blessings, and LIVE!


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