Aug 11 2017

A Night On The Briney by Alec Trivass



the scene – lit up as lightning flashed,

was terrible. loud thunder’s boom

rolled out and crashed – as water lashed

and smashed and dashed itself to spume,

driven by wind; the breath of death

in the gloom of doom.



the gale drove mountains of water,

rank upon rank, across the sea,

which, heaving up at every quarter

boiled and toiled with constancy,

and tossed the ship; sought and caught her,

intent on slaughter.



then the sharp shark’s teeth of rocks


loomed up – the cause of our disaster.

with awful knocks and grinding shocks

they blocked and rocked and smashed her

keel, and stove her in, and gale blew

force ten and faster.



’twas then a wave, like greedy hand,

grasped at me – and down i slipped

into the foaming sea, which planned

to take me to her stormy crypt:

a grave for disdainers of the sea ,

their barque’s bottom ripped.



heed it well, you erstwhile salty matelots. hearken not to those who would lead you astray.

ignore their siren call. stuff up your ears with wax, and live to till the good dark earth.





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