Archive of November 2017 - Antique Grandfather Clocks

Nov 23 2017


Chester Chronicle 27th January 1836. We have lately seen a large turret clock, upon a magnificent scale, at the shop of Mr. Fletcher, clockmaker at the Eastgate, which is entirely of Chester manufacture. It is intended for the stable tower at Eaton Hall and gives the time on four different dials, strikes the hours and […]


Nov 17 2017

Astronomical Musical Clock and Organ, Whitchurch

Chester Courant 1773 To be disposed of by way of chance or raffle, to the person who throws the highest number with two dice at three throws at the house of Robert Clay known by the name or sign of the White Lion in Whitchurch on Wednesday the 20th day of October inst, between the […]


Nov 08 2017

Alec’s Clock by Alec Trivass

    “the face of the moment ticking away upon the mantlepiece portioned the day into twenty four hours dark, light, and grey     tho’ time passes slowly passing the buck with each passing minute never gets stuck, for ticking is living, and so he ‘tuck’.     so for hours, and yours and […]