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Jan 31 2018

Best there is today

when i first opened my eyes to the world around me it as hard to realise that i hadn’t always been. things seemed to happen relative to me. i was the focus; the fulcrum; the centre about which all things revolved. but gradually, i diminished, i shrunk…grew up to the realisation that i was just […]

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Jan 29 2018

The Common Dream by Alec Trivass

i yearn for great fortune to reach for the stars to do something so big to do something grand like: fly up to the moon; or to colonise mars. for life to have meaning. you must make your mark, so everyone sees it and knows you have been. for life must have meaning or you’ve […]

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Jan 26 2018

Hazards Of Longevity

  when your hair turns grey as ashes and the lines on your face deepen and set; when life’s burned to embers surely you will remember…. or is life something you can forget?   if life’s so easy forgotten then the wrinkles and grey hair count as nought and all the troubles that you found […]

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Jan 24 2018

Jumble Sale Or How I got Off The Hook

Candy man was as a torch, beaming his way into the cell of my being, I became a breath of his life, an endless recharge for his magnetic battery. He philosophied, I syncranised and was carbonised. contaminated by telepathic entennae, less than a microbe,a disciple of the devil. No more,I’ve wandered for long enough, my […]

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Jan 22 2018

How Many Times (Song)

  How many times,? How many times? ,How many times ? Must you hurt me so and I don’t let it show, how many times ? I miss you so when we’re not close together, I get the blues whenever we’re apart. I’m thinking of you,what can I say or do, to help me win […]

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Jan 15 2018

I Looked Through My Window Pane

I looked through my window pane,and there I saw a cloud, drifting along in the sky and i said to myself. far away from the crowd,why oh why can’t I ? Then my little boy said ” Daddy,I love you ” made me feel so proud tell me how,won’t you tell me how.I could ever […]