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Apr 24 2018

Changing Times

We stand together solid and strong and face in a certain direction. Suddenly an explosion occurs and we are blown apart from each other, but when the force subsides, we fall back to the same place. The only difference is, that time has evolved and now, you and me are not facing in the same […]

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Apr 20 2018

Grandfather Clock Reference by Elmer Holt USA

Hello John, Both grandfather clocks are fine and are a welcome addition to our home.They are now like members of the family,sort of tall,just stand around a lot,communicate with their hands,occasionally speak up,low maintenance and become quiet when needing attention. Wendy and Elmer Holt, Fairfax Station, Virginia, USA

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Apr 17 2018

This Dream Like Substance by Corin Trivass

The red ceiling hit the top the bare white bulb turned green and ‘opped’ against the ceiling the midnight blue walls shrank back, they took on gay yellow stars,five pointed hard, yet soft. The door opened and I flew down a guilded corridor lined on either side with a veneer of Rainbows glorious in their […]

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Apr 04 2018

Well, Aren’t We All ?

Pushing,and crowding financially secure back biting hypocrites, that’s what they are How come they are slimy in a terrible mess ? They’ve got one thing on mind SUCCESS !. They each have their chance, isn’t that so ? loaded with talent never let go listen my friend don’t drown in this mud, Wake Up! Get […]

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