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Aug 31 2018

disillusioned patriot

red,white and ? blue, red and ?? white,blue and ??? land of ???? rule ????? ??????? save ?????? ????????

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Aug 29 2018

The Spring Has Sprung

The spring has sprung the grass has ris,I wonder where the birdy is. ? The bird’s on the wing now ain’t that absurd cos’ everybody knows that the wing is on the bird tel 0151 424 9189


Aug 28 2018

Christmas Gift

I was asked what I wanted in my Christmas Sock I said “ You’ll need a big one, I want a Grandfather clock” Doesn’t everyone want a Grandfather Clock ? (link: tel. 0151 424 9189


Aug 27 2018

Working Clocks

My antique grandfather clocks do not have a rest on bank holiday, they are keen to keep working (link: tel. 0151 424 9189


Aug 26 2018

Good Looking Grandfather clocks

The only things that are better looking than me are my Grandfather Clocks. Why not take a look for yourself while I make you a cup of tea ?


Aug 24 2018

New antique grandfather clocks stock

John Shone·Wednesday, August 22, 2018 I have three fresh antique grandfather clocks in stock. Excellent quality. Well worth a look , , Tel 0151 424 9189


Aug 21 2018

Consigning a Grandfather Clock World Wide

Demand for the quintessentially British antique grandfather clock is global. As a result, I am often asked whether I can ship a clock overseas. I ship regularly to customers in North America (USA and Canada), mainland Europe, and the Middle East. I’m also happy to ship to any other country on demand.I take great care […]


Aug 20 2018

Antique Grandfather Clock

An antique grandfather clock is a classic and exquisite example of British craftsmanship at its very best. Own one and feel proud.


Aug 15 2018

Old Macdonald

Old Macdonald had a farm eieio and on this farm he had a grandfather clock eieio with a tictic here a toctoc there here a tic there a toc everywhere a tictoc Old MacDonald had a grandfather clock eieio


Aug 09 2018

Prepare to be Amazed

People are being amazed by the quality of my antique grandfather clocks. Conversely, my grandfather clocks are being amazed by the quality of my customers. Why not join in all this amazement ?  

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