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Apr 01 2019

Cockles and Coffee Part 3

The boredom is driving me crazy today life is pretty dull If I wasn’t so down right lazy I’d nip to the door and pull give ‘ em some bull got a belly full (Dramatic turn of events two English girls have just walked in. the one with the blonde hair is quite pretty but […]

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Mar 07 2019

Early 30 Hour Grandfather Clocks

. A 30 hour clock is not wound by a key, but rather by a rope or  a chain. It only has one weight and this weight is responsible not  only for the running of the clock, but also for making it strike. It is  once again my belief, that similar to the eight day […]


Feb 06 2019


I took the clock to London strapped on the top of my Austin 1100, and true to his word, the advertiser, a Mr. Ronnie Moore, who resided in Fulham, gave me the £30.00 for it. He also paid my expenses. Although I knew little or nothing about grandfather clocks at that time, Ronnie , who […]

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Feb 04 2019

About John (Part two)

I had not long been married and in addition to a young wife and even younger baby son, I had a large mortgage around my neck and was struggling to make ends meet. I was searching through various columns in a national newspaper trying to find another job, when I came across an advertisement offering […]


Jan 30 2019

About John (Part one)

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find my clocks interesting. I hope you also enjoy my original monthly clock cartoons and poems. My grandfather clock cartoons have won awards within the clock industry and have been displayed in one of the leading trade magazines, ‘Clocks’. My poems have been broadcast on national radio.


Jan 18 2019

Added Ryder to Me, Cricket and Sconny Purcell

A Couple of weeks later we faced St Bedes again in the Baseball final. Me and Sconny Purcell were once again captains. On this occasion we absolutely slaughtered them.There was only one outstanding captain on that day and it wasn’t Sconny Purcell. In fact, If I had scored a couple more runs I would have […]

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Jan 16 2019

Me,Cricket and Sconny Purcell (Final Part)

After that I was totally inspired and me and the wonder kids from Simms Cross could do no more wrong and it wasn’t long before The Bedes stood on the brink of defeat at 48 for nine most of their runs being made up by this plucky kid that we just coudn’t get out . […]


Jan 14 2019

Me, Cricket and Sconny Purcell (Parf Eleven)

I was fielding in my usual suicide position of silly mid on, when one of our bowlers (who shall be nameless at this time) let go a loose full toss. The Bedes batsman( whose name I never knew) smashed it with all his strength at me standing five yards away. I could neither jump, duck, […]

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Jan 11 2019

Me,Cricket and Sconny Purcell (Part Ten)

    I hurtled my first ball down the pitch quicker than any ball I had hurtled before straight at the off stump. The next thing the ball was flying high in the air towards the long on boundary and Sconny came charging up the pitch as fast as his little legs would carry him […]

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Jan 09 2019

Me,Cricket and Sconny Purcell (Part Nine)

  I don’t recall much about the first few overs except to say that I was still not out but struggling for a bit of form. Then a piece of good fortune, Pat Davenport came on to bowl and any nerves I was struggling with disappeared on the spot. I knew all about Pat, as […]