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Nov 22 2018

Odd Set Upset (part two)

Pot Called him an ignorant pig and vowed to wreak vengeance at every available opportunity. He had been as good as his word. the destruction of cup was almost complete. Cup prayed he knew the signs, he knew what was coming so he prayed. He had prayed every day for five years and his prayers […]

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Oct 27 2018

Seasonal Timing with Grandfather clock

When time goes forward one hour just move the minute hand forward, remembering to let the clock strike where necessary. When the time goes back one hour merely stop the clock for one hour and then start it again.


May 30 2017

The Need by Alec Trivass

i yearn for fortune to reach for the stars to do something big to do something grand like fly to the moon or colonise mars. when everyone knows me when i’m a great name when i’ve got what i want i’ll give all that i’ve got to people who need it, and live on my […]

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