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Mar 05 2012


We’re older now has it been so long since I saw you,touched you,loved you? Always new I’d lose you you were so pretty you see never understood what you saw in me but I can remebr can’t I and when I do I’m filled with pride you walked by my side and though tears my […]


Mar 05 2012

Growing Up

I was 14 and you were 13 and we stood talking together outside the church.  Suddenly I was  overcome by a feeling I  had never felt before, so I laughed, stole your scarf and threw it over the  church wall. I was 14 and you were 13. How else could I show you I loved […]


Feb 02 2011

If I once had you girl

The words and music to this song were written by my friend Dave Edwards in 1963 Verse ——- If I once had you girl I would then be true girl and then I’d know my life held more than just a counting up the score with other girls I thought were fine along the line […]


Jan 12 2011

Don’t ask me to remember

The Words and music to this song were writen by my friend Vicky Lee in 1968. Verse —– Don’t ask me to remember all the things I can’t forget. The stars that shone so brightly on the night that we first met It hurts me to recall the day, you said that we were through […]

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Dec 26 2010

You’re welcome (and so are your grandfather clocks)

Last little song of the year, Verse ———- I’d like to be with you, would you like to be with me? And if you’d like to stay for tea You’re welcome I’d like to walk with you make footsteps in the sand and if you’d like to hold my hand you’re welcome Chorus ——- I’ve […]

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Nov 19 2010

Baby, don’t leave me (or my grandfather clocks)

Another song bites the dust. “Baby, baby, I hear you’re leavin’ I’ve heard some talk that you’ve been a grievin’ Baby, baby what do you say now? Don’t go away, I want you to stay now. Don’t go down the track please come on back Baby don’t leave me Baby, baby I hear you’ve been […]

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Oct 05 2010

If I could love you more

(LIKE GRANDFATHER CLOCKS) Another one of my songs. 1st verse ———- If I could love you more I would, if only you were not so good, but there’s an angel in your head, you need the devil there instead, well do you think I’m made of wood? 2nd verse. ——— Girl,I just don’t know where […]

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Sep 08 2010

Didn’t know what I was missing

(Grandfather Clocks AM I!) Words to another one of my songs. “Didn’t know what I was missing ’til you kissed me, didn’t know I was the loving kind. Started my steam hissing when you kissed me, nearly blew me out of my mind. Girl, can’t you see what you’re doing? You’re filling me with desire. […]


Aug 13 2010


(About GRANDFATHER CLOCKS) As I walked on a sea of grass, I met a passing cloud, We blew smoke though a looking glass, whispers shouting loud I climbed up cardboard flowers, which loomed so high above. I swam in nature’s showers, met a snowdrop and fell in love. We made love in a tea-towel bed […]


Jul 19 2010

It’s coming over me

(But not my GRANDFATHER CLOCKS) These are the words to another one of my songs. “It’s coming over me,this gentle feeling I feel It’s coming over me, can this really be real? I’ve been in love before,but never quite this way, you came into my life,and now that’s where you’re going to stay. It’s coming […]