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Sep 19 2018

Choosing Your Grandfather Clock

Choose your grandfather / longcase / tallcase clock in the same careful way you chose your partner for life. Choose the one you are most attracted to and the one which you would be happy to live with for the rest of your days

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Sep 18 2018

Come My Friend

Come my friend into the land of forgetfulness where we can wash away the hours of memories in the twilight river We can pluck purple roses from winter plains we can watch the sun rise every morning as we eat pickled liver

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Jul 27 2018

A Life Once Shared

A life once shared is empty when, your fellow day dreamer and believer has gone, Leaving behind, nothing but a dog eared note book, Full of her thoughts  

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Jul 19 2018

Love Story (Part two)

What causes one person to care for another more than he cares for himself ? Whom or what was responsible for the way in which he cared for her ? It did not matter, a single kiss and nothing mattered He reflected on the fact that a mere slip of a girl could cause such […]

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Jul 18 2018

A Hard Way to Learn (love story in six parts Part 1)

He remembered the way he felt whenever he looked at her, how could any man do other than extract pleasure from such an ecstasy of pain ? He recalled how her face would glow when she ran towards him and how she would say “No my darling, don’t speak, don’t spoil it, just hold me […]

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Jul 11 2018

After Guy Fawkes by Corin Trivass

When the young boy threw paraffin on the jagged mountain of wood, I saw the gleams of delight in young eyes, as the match sent flames wooshing to the sky, dancing and licking as they hungrily devoured the dry, rotting timber. Then came the wonderful display of rainbow colours as the various fireworks showered their […]

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Jul 05 2018

Reflections of a lonely day by Corin Trivass

Walking, down crowded streets alone, eyes flicking from face to face, in the hope of recognition. Someone to smile at or say hello Gazing. in shop windows, ablaze with colour and tempting displays but no money to buy Sheltering in vast city stores from lashing rain relishing ,warm circulating air and standing on escalators up […]

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May 11 2018

Clock Reference, Charlotte Cummins

Dear John, Thank you for the grandfather clocks.We are absolutely delighted with them.They have added so much to the house with the “music” they now make around the house with their chimes. Your service was wonderful,coming on that huge journey just three days after I got in touch with you,fitting the grandfather clocks and making […]

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May 08 2018

Reference from David Messineo

Dear John Your Grandfather “organ” clock is just incredibly magnificent!! As an organist, organ builder and clock collector I can intimately and sincerely admire such a work of art and craftsmanship. I have many clocks and a pipe organ in my home but unfortunately would never be able to afford a clock like yours. I […]

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May 01 2018

Film Star Clock

In 2008,one of my Antique Grandfather Clocks, ” James Brindley ” of Newcastle, was chosen as a furniture prop for the film ” Wolfman ” starring Anthony Hopkins. It was delivered to Wolfman Productions, Stanley Kubric Building, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Bucks

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