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Nov 06 2018

On Entering a Liverpool Cathedral

Circular, graceful, space filled with strange light Shiny, smooth and highly polished the curvred wooden benches, reflected rainbows from all around Echoing, shuffling muffled silence, mingled essence of man and stony structures majestic recesses filled with beautiful, humbling light a mixture of primitive and ultra modern whilst walking a continual bathing in splendid velvet colour, […]

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Nov 05 2018

Premature Retirement by Corin Trivass

I’m glad I’m out of it ! Look at them, unified,regimented, like rows of cigarettes, marching down cancer riddled corridors. Corridors of power ? Hah! Marching to anhialation discarded or swallowed by the machine and the machine keeps on turning It doesn’t feel. it doesn’t care I’m glad I’m out of it, that seething cesspit […]

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Oct 05 2018

Almost a Decade (My Partner and Me )

The first year was ecstatic, we were really and truly in love The second year followed a similar course The third year was a disaster, she got pregnant! The fourth year was absolute hell The fifth year I nearly commited suicide she got pregnant again! the sixth year I defied the church and bought contraceptives […]

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Oct 01 2018

The Padded Cell

He noticed the Christmas Cards hanging on the wall they didn’t stand out like his black driving gloves on the mantel piece. He was attracted by the tree and the pretty flickering lights. Should he touch them or attempt to light the immitation candle ? The mutilated hands hung down like bunches of bananas and […]

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Sep 28 2018

Fair Lady (song)

What has the robber done to you Fair Lady ? What has the robber done to you Fair Lady ? What has the robber done to you Fair Lady ? What has the robber done to you Fair Lady ? He took your whole world apart and walked away with your poor heart What has […]

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Sep 21 2018

Adjusting the Bell Hammer on a Grandfather Clock

Sometimes the bell hammer may need adjusting to make it sound harder or softer. This can be done by slightly bending the hammer rod. You may also place a plaster on the bell or hammer to soften the tone. If you do not wish the grandfather clock to strike at all, remove the strike weight […]

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Sep 19 2018

Choosing Your Grandfather Clock

Choose your grandfather / longcase / tallcase clock in the same careful way you chose your partner for life. Choose the one you are most attracted to and the one which you would be happy to live with for the rest of your days

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Sep 18 2018

Come My Friend

Come my friend into the land of forgetfulness where we can wash away the hours of memories in the twilight river We can pluck purple roses from winter plains we can watch the sun rise every morning as we eat pickled liver

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Jul 27 2018

A Life Once Shared

A life once shared is empty when, your fellow day dreamer and believer has gone, Leaving behind, nothing but a dog eared note book, Full of her thoughts  

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Jul 19 2018

Love Story (Part two)

What causes one person to care for another more than he cares for himself ? Whom or what was responsible for the way in which he cared for her ? It did not matter, a single kiss and nothing mattered He reflected on the fact that a mere slip of a girl could cause such […]

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