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Oct 02 2018

I Am Alive

I am alive, so breath fresh air, my life can share Run for the train and come home again. I am alive and so sometimes make friends can face twists and bends eat good food and change every mood I am alive and so dream of distant lands can touch things with my hands sometimes […]

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Sep 25 2018

Wanted by Thomas Brown

Chester Courant — 20th January 1778 WANTED Six Journeyman CLOCK-MAKERS who will have constant employment and good wages, by applying to THOMASĀ  BROWN, watch and clockmaker in Chester. NB Sober and diligent men, will meet with encouragement

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Sep 21 2018

Condition of Grandfather Clocks

I am most discerning about which clocks I purchase, and am proud of the condition in which they are presented for sale. My case polisher is as good as they come and loves working with grandfather clocks. My workshop manager, who is in charge of movement restoration, has been with me for all thirty six […]

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Sep 10 2018

The life of a yet unborn child

To fly amongst the stars visit Jupiter or Mars. To build castles in Venusian sands and hold moonbeams in his hand To stop at a Mercury Cafe as heĀ  travels the Milky Way to have a lot of fun as he flashes passed the sun To visit a Plutonium pool and keep himself fresh and […]

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Jul 20 2018

Love Story (Part Three)

They had reached the peak of their happiness when his foolish ambition destroyed it. His job was reasonable and they could have lived peacefully, yet he yearned for more, he wanted her to have everything.. She was blissfully unaware and contented,but he was not. He tried to explain that he would need to work long […]

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Jul 12 2018

Poor Blind Man by Corin Trivass

Poor Blind Man Tip-Tapping your way through life your weary face shows in every minute wrinkle the heavy burden you have carried. Your snowy hair your soft, grey beard reflections in dark glasses showing all you cannot see (There’s a lot which doesn’t bare looking at) and the white tapping stick with which you tap-tap […]

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Apr 24 2018

Changing Times

We stand together solid and strong and face in a certain direction. Suddenly an explosion occurs and we are blown apart from each other, but when the force subsides, we fall back to the same place. The only difference is, that time has evolved and now, you and me are not facing in the same […]

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Apr 20 2018

Grandfather Clock Reference by Elmer Holt USA

Hello John, Both grandfather clocks are fine and are a welcome addition to our home.They are now like members of the family,sort of tall,just stand around a lot,communicate with their hands,occasionally speak up,low maintenance and become quiet when needing attention. Wendy and Elmer Holt, Fairfax Station, Virginia, USA

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Feb 11 2018

The Football Match

At the bottom of our street, there is a football match and if you want to see it you have to pay a tenner, soldiers half a crown. sailors half a guinea, working men one and ten and little kids a penny. Would you like a ticket ?  

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Jan 26 2018

Hazards Of Longevity

  when your hair turns grey as ashes and the lines on your face deepen and set; when life’s burned to embers surely you will remember…. or is life something you can forget?   if life’s so easy forgotten then the wrinkles and grey hair count as nought and all the troubles that you found […]

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