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Apr 01 2019

Cockles and Coffee Part 3

The boredom is driving me crazy today life is pretty dull If I wasn’t so down right lazy I’d nip to the door and pull give ‘ em some bull got a belly full (Dramatic turn of events two English girls have just walked in. the one with the blonde hair is quite pretty but […]

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Mar 26 2019

Cockles and Coffee (Part Two)

I always feel quite bored ‘bout five in the afternoon ‘til laughter rings across the road that’s Terry with his wooden spoon Tells the girls I’m a loon I may be soon The tourists wander in and out wondering what to buy The Burnley lot, well they’ll have owt “Need something for our Vi” Makes […]

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Mar 22 2019

Cockles and Coffee (Part One)

The Pictures are always on the wall I wish I’d stayed in bed Ah , here comes George with his mating call “ Commo, esta usted “ ? He’s just been fed,eats loads of bread The Roman Pots were late again “ Been up all night “ they said “ Had a date with Bill […]

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Feb 06 2019


I took the clock to London strapped on the top of my Austin 1100, and true to his word, the advertiser, a Mr. Ronnie Moore, who resided in Fulham, gave me the £30.00 for it. He also paid my expenses. Although I knew little or nothing about grandfather clocks at that time, Ronnie , who […]

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Jan 18 2019

Added Ryder to Me, Cricket and Sconny Purcell

A Couple of weeks later we faced St Bedes again in the Baseball final. Me and Sconny Purcell were once again captains. On this occasion we absolutely slaughtered them.There was only one outstanding captain on that day and it wasn’t Sconny Purcell. In fact, If I had scored a couple more runs I would have […]

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Jan 14 2019

Me, Cricket and Sconny Purcell (Parf Eleven)

I was fielding in my usual suicide position of silly mid on, when one of our bowlers (who shall be nameless at this time) let go a loose full toss. The Bedes batsman( whose name I never knew) smashed it with all his strength at me standing five yards away. I could neither jump, duck, […]

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Jan 11 2019

Me,Cricket and Sconny Purcell (Part Ten)

    I hurtled my first ball down the pitch quicker than any ball I had hurtled before straight at the off stump. The next thing the ball was flying high in the air towards the long on boundary and Sconny came charging up the pitch as fast as his little legs would carry him […]

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Jan 08 2019

Me,Cricket and Sconny Purcell (Part eight)

We had one more game to play after that against the National School and If we won we would go to the championship play-off against St. Bedes at the Widnes Cricket club ground. Win it we did and the stage was set Us and The Bedes, death or glory at Beaconsfield road. On the great […]

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Jan 05 2019

Me Cricket and Sconny Purcell (Part Six)

I couldn’t believe it the mighty Bedes ,Sconny Purcell and all, had been beaten by a bunch of Paddy kids from West Bank,we had another chance. What made it more exciting was that in six days time, we had to play that same bunch of Paddy Kids and we had to win! When we arrived […]

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Jan 02 2019

Me,Cricket,and Sconny Purcell (Part Five)

I just stood there, and for about ten seconds or so I must have died, then I wanted to be sick..” Sammy immediately said ” Alright Shone, get your self ready “, but for the first time in my life, I really didn’t feel like playing cricket. Not that it mattered much on the day […]

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